PRICE is a fictional character who appears in various performances. His work is characterized by elaborate soundscapes, costumes and stage design often developed in collaborative constellations. His productions play with the audience’s expectations of the exposed, ostensibly authentic self of the performer, who emotes before their eyes. They are interspersed with pop-cultural set pieces, mechanical sounds, rhythms and his own singing voice. The voice forms a central element of his work. PRICE views it as an acoustic form of emotional communication outside language’s imperative to create meaning.

In PRICE’s work, different spaces—each with their own economies, mechanisms of historization and exclusion, norms and potentials—overlap: the stage of theater and performance, the club, digital space, the fashion runway, the exhibition space. The drama known as PRICE unfolds against the backdrop of spaces divided into their individual, constituent parts.

Photo: Reto Schmid

Sequences of Mantras for a Club (sequences) is the starting point into a new series of listening situations where embodiment, sound and voice embrace a constant state of trial and error. Stuck in the theatricality of domestic and emotional spaces, singing individuals explore their state of exposure and offer a testing ground for flatness, artificiality and affect. Through physical repetition and phonetics, the intimate setting opens an imaginary journey and the initial steps into a reflection on collectivity, interiority and inter-subjectivity.

Mantras for a Club (sequences)
Neumarkt Theater Zürich
December 15th and 16th
April 21st and 22nd

Mantras for a Club (sequences)
Arsenic, Centre d’art scénique contemporain Lausanne
April 24th and 25th

Fellow at Roma Calling
September 2020 – June 2021
Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Italy