PRICE (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986) has recently held exhibitions and live performances including at Kunsthaus Biel/Bienne (2024); MUDAM Luxembourg (2024), CAPC Bordeaux France (2023); MUDAM Luxembourg (2023); Trauma Bar Berlin, Germany (2023); Casa do Povo, São Paulo, Brazil (2023); Basel Social Club, Basel, Switzerland (2023); Istituto Svizzero Roma / Milan / Palermo, Italy (2022); OCT0, Marseille, France (2022); Blue Velvet Projects, Zurich, Switzerland (2022); Joyfully Waiting x Cherish Geneva, Switzerland (2022); Systema Plus, Marseille, France (2022); Gessnerallee, Zurich, Switzerland (2022); Fondation Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland (2022); Echo Correspondence, Vienna, Austria (2022); Norbergfestival, Sweden (2022); KEM, Warsaw, Poland (2021); Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection, Paris, France (2021); Fonti Gallery, Napoli, Italy (2021); mumok and Burgtheater Kasino, Vienna, Austria (2021); My Wild Flag MDT, Stockholm, Sweden (2021); NAVEL, Los Angeles, United-States (2019); Galpao Bela Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2019); Human Resources, Los Angeles, United-States (2018); Kunsthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland (2018).

PRICE has launched several musical projects and released them through various music labels such as cazarnagora and Latency

He has taught workshops and given lectures at various institutions, including the Art Academy in Ghent (Belgium), KEM Space in Warsaw (Poland), Lateral Roma in Rome (Italy), Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Institute Art Gender Nature in Basel and ZhdK Master Fine Arts in Zürich (Switzerland).

In addition to his artistic practice, PRICE took on the role of guest curator for the performance program at the renowned festival Les Urbaines in Switzerland from 2017 to 2021. Beside that, he is one of the six curators of the art space Lateral Roma, which he co-founded with Geraldine Tedder in Rome in the year 2020. Recently, PRICE and his long-standing working partner Niklaus Mettler have co-founded AirSolutions, an agency specializing in the development of scent in space.

For inquiries:
Instagram: @pricepriceprice
Listen: Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp

  • June 14 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” with special guest Bonnie Banane at Basel Social Club
  • June 12-18 “Untitled” at Swiss Art Award CH
  • May 25 – July 16 video installation “Repetition As Nostalgic Attachment On Violence (sequences)” at Oxyd in Winterthur CH

  • May 4 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Trauma Bar und Kino Berlin DE
  • April 27 Lecture Performance at ETH Department of Architecture Zurich CH
  • April 21 – 24 Workshop (Nr.3) “Back to the Leave” with Michele Rizzo and Tobias Koch at Lateral Roma IT
  • March 30-April 02 video performance “Untitled” at Arsenic Lausanne CH
  • March 16 “Little Too Late” Album Release
  • December 17 “Actual Feelings” Listening session at Gandhara Roma IT
  • December 16 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” SOL INVICTUS Istituto Svizzero Roma IT
  • December 15 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” SOL INVICTUS Istituto Svizzero Milano IT
  • December 14 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” SOL INVICTUS Istituto Svizzero Palermo IT
  • December 7 – 9 Workshop (Nr.2) “Back to the Leave” with Michele Rizzo at Lateral Roma IT
  • November 26 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” KASKO Basel CH
  • November 25 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Fondation Beyeler Basel CH
  • November 20 “Actual Feelings” OCT0 Marseille with Joyfully Waiting and Czarnagora
  • October 8 “The Interesting (sequences)” Gessnerallee Zürich CH
  • October 7 “Repetition As Nostalgic Attachment On Violence (sequences)” Gessnerallee Zürich CH
  • September 24 – October 29 “A Familiar Hole” Blue Velvet Projects Zürich CH
  • September 4 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Joyfully Waiting Geneva CH
  • August 27 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Systema Marseille FR
  • July 30 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Echo Correspondence Vienna AT
  • July 7 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Norbergfestival SE
  • June 19 “I Try My Tongue (sequences)” Ephemera Festival PL
  • June 15 – 19 directing of the score “Star Star Star” by Mica Levi with KEM School at Ephemera Festival PL
  • June 10 – 12 “Under His Breath” Perrrformat Zürich / Zürich Art Weekend CH
  • June 1 – 3 Workshop (Nr.1) “Back to the Leave” with Michele Rizzo at Lateral Roma IT
  • February – April Residency PIVO and Pro Helvetia Sao Paulo BR
  • January 29 “True Sentiments (sequences)” Gessnerallee Zurich CH
  • January 20 – 23 “(sequences)” Arsenic Lausanne CH
  • December 9 “True Sentiments (sequences)” Bourse de Commerce — Pinault Collection Paris FR
  • November 22 – December 23 Residency at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi, Swiss Arts Council Venice IT
  • November 13 La Casaforte S.B. Napoli IT
  • November 13 Galleria Fonti Napoli IT
  • November 6 All Stars Art Space Lausanne CH

PRICE work is characterised by elaborate soundscapes, costumes and stage design often developed in collaborative constellations. His productions play with the audience’s expectations of the exposed, ostensibly authentic self of the performer, who emotes before their eyes. They are interspersed with pop-cultural set pieces, mechanical sounds, rhythms and his own singing voice. The voice forms a central element of his work. PRICE views it as an acoustic form of emotional communication outside language’s imperative to create meaning.
In PRICE’s work, different spaces—each with their own economies, mechanisms of historicisation and exclusion, norms and potentials—overlap: the stage of theater and performance, the club, digital space, the fashion runway, the exhibition space. The drama known as PRICE unfolds against the backdrop of spaces divided into their individual, constituent parts.
His performances alternate between total immersion and the abrupt unmasking of the means of theatrical staging. Part of this involves the emotional work that has to be invested in order to maintain the fiction of the performer’s individual identity—a genuine expenditure that is always also an effect, like the artificially shimmering sweat on his forehead. These are not the irreconcilable oppositions of artificial and authentic around which he moves. Rather, PRICE is interested in the conflicting relationship between these socially normative categories, the realm of which is the (queer) self, the (queer) body. Misfit costumes reference a variety of other possible forms of wearing by different bodies; instances of stumbling and struggling sneak into PRICE’s work. For him, failure is always also part of a queer strategy: an indifference to assimilation, rigid identities and the demands on the self in digital capitalism. It is a second-degree failure that is always part of the presentation.