Can‘t say much about anything that‘s new
Performance, 50 min, 2015

© Jenna Calderari / Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Center Lausanne Switzerland, 2018

© Mirjam Graf / Centre culturel suisse Paris France, 2017

With his debut performance Can’t say much about anything that’s new and the accompanying album Greatest Hits he is representative of our aspirations and the nostalgia of pop music. PRICE is Self-made Glamour, poetry, and self (he) invention. Unrestrained, detached from norms. He is fictitious and real at the same time. PRICE internalization is precisely this code: As to seduce us. In this connection, the solution is the problem. One approach to the romantic idea of a “free poetic existence” with the aim to mold the life a work of art.

Music and performance PRICE
Music production Marc Hofweber, Alban Schelbert
Photo Mirjam Graf

A project within the Master Program Theater and Performing Arts HKB and supported by Tanzhaus Zürich